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Trezz OS Climbing Sticks 4pk

Trezz OS Climbing Sticks 4pk

SKU: 4031

Radix Hunting's new Trezz OS (Open-Step) Climbing Sticks comes in a 4-pack that will allow you to ascend the best hunting trees this season! With a double-strap setup, safety & sturdiness has never been this easy. Each section is 46" tall which allows for an additional height for the stand. These steps will be a huge benefit to the hang-and-hunt hunter while also being a perfectly acceptable option to leave up season-long in the deer woods.


The Trezz family by Radix Hunting includes:

Trezz H1 Hang-On Stand

Trezz L1 Ladderstand (Single-Man)

Trezz L2 Ladderstand (Double-Man)

Trezz OS Climbing Sticks (open-step, this product page)

Trezz CS Climbing Sticks (closed-step)

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